Lunchbox laser shows, from Vol. 20 of Make Magazine

“Build three different laser effects machines that fit into metal lunchboxes to create exciting sound and light shows.”  By Mike Gould, of Make Magazine, Vol. 20.

Western Spinster Magazine: These small devices project multi colored lights onto a ceiling or wall, moving gracefully in hypnotic patterns.  One is designed to move to the music you are playing from the sound waves of that music.  Sounds magnificent!  Western Spinster Magazine Board of Directors are currently collaborating on the “Lumia” and will report back with the results as the project progresses.  However, we have reached a roadblock at cutting the plywood to the correct size…

Photos below are from the Make Magazine article by Mike Gould and Sam Murphy.  See link below for more photos and information on the project.

Article in Make Magazine, Vol. 20:  Short summary, photos, circuit schematic.

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