Oh my goodness!  I got so busy living my life that I forgot to settle down!  Know the feeling?  Welcome to Western Spinster Magazine – thanks for visiting.

Here at Western Spinster Magazine we like making things and building things.  In an ideal world, I would be building or renovating houses hands-on.  For the present, the things I’m making are on a smaller scale: sewing and pattern drafting, cooking, and other objects the size of a breadbox. I also enjoy eating great food, architecture and design, music, film, fiction, linguistics and riding bikes and boats.  All this involves analytical thinking, good spatial orientation, and thinking up good questions.  Enjoying the process is the important thing.  This doesn’t mean that I, or we, are experts at it – doing it and having fun is the point.

If you are the same, you are in good company.  Please visit more often.

Many of you have heard of Western Spinster Magazine’s forthcoming new book: “Cheap, Fast and Easy Cookbook: Delicious, Healthy and Gluten-Free.”  This book will come out at an indeterminate date in the distant future.  The recipes you will find on these pages are an exclusive preview.  Why waste time and money in restaurants when you can make better food at home?  Eating well does not have to be expensive or time-consuming – save your money and time for the important things in life.

Most of these recipes are low in dairy products, animal products and sugar.  None contains gluten from wheat, oats, rye or barley, or any other gluten byproducts such as malt, maltodextrin or modified food starch.  They make use of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes as much as possible.  If there are no fresh fruits and vegetables in the recipe, they should be served on the side.  If you want to be strong, you must be healthy.

Kelina Lobo

Editor in Chief,
Western Spinster Magazine

Please do not copy anything on these pages without permission – but please feel free to quote passages as long as you include a link back to the original source here.  All writing, photos and everything else copyright Kelina Lobo unless otherwise noted.

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    This is, by far, the best resource we have ever seen on the Greater Western Spinster

    — The Editors, Western Bachelor Magazine

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